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Traveling with God from Glory to Glory on this journey called life has never lacked in adventure for me and has always provided some of the greatest opportunities to grow in His Grace and to see His Face.  On April 8th, I heard the voice of God saying once again, “It was time to change positions and break camp because He was getting ready to move me back to Texas”.

Last October/November I began feeling that something was changing so I began praying and seeking the Lord about what His direction would be for me in the next season of my life.  When I crossed over from 2012 to 2013 it prophetically felt like the ground under my feet was moving and shifting.  Knowing God and how He speaks to me and leads me I knew there was change coming but I wasn’t clear on where or what.  My first question to Him was are you getting ready to change my function at the Mission and Deeper Schools or are you moving me somewhere else.  I fasted the month of march while processing this with my leadership.

The intriguing contradiction and challenge in hearing God concerning this matter has been that I love the Mission and the Leadership I serve with and the Deeper School that I have had the privilege of teaching in and I know that the Mission loves me.   However, over the past year it has been evident that something was changing.

I came to the Mission on a word from the Lord and an invitation from Dan McCollam back in 2008.  It has been a very joyfully rich and spiritually prosperous time of serving God in my calling here in Vacaville California with some pretty amazing people and friends.

Dave and Deb Crone have always encouraged and released me to go after my dreams.  They gave me the gift of permission, to not only dream my dreams but to live my dreams.  Dan McCollam is a friend who “gets me” and has understood my gifts and callings and how to point and aim me and utilize me probably better than anyone I’ve ever worked with.  Gary Hopkins has been a friend that has been closer than a brother to me and has provided me with one of the greatest working relationships I ever had the privilege of working with throughout my years in the ministry.

Therefore, this has not been an easy decision.  However, through a clear and defining word from the Lord on 4/8/13 I knew it was time to move back to Texas.

It has been absolutely fascinating living by faith for 33 years and watching how God leads me and provides for me.  However, taking a step of faith when God gives you a word and that’s all you have is when I come alive!  I think I’m at my happiest when I have my spiritual machete in hand and I’m getting ready to blaze a new trail for God.  Therefore, according to Your Word Lord I am taking this Step of Faith.   As always faith pleases God and opens doors so things have now been set in motion.   In the natural I don’t have a ministry I’m going to, I don’t have a full itinerary nor do I have a paid position waiting for me… yet!   All I have is a Word from God… and on that I can confidently step out in faith.

I will begin the next Deeper Module here at the Mission on May 8th and finish it up on June 12th.  After that… only God knows the next step, but what a step it will be!  Please keep me in your prayers as the Holy Spirit and I navigate the next leg of the journey!!


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