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As many of you know I am moving in June!  Many have been asking where will I be moving and what will I be doing so I wanted to send out an update to let everyone know. 

I am moving to Magnolia Texas on the north side of Houston.  I will be based in Freedom Fellowship where John and LeeAnn Parks are the senor leaders.  John and LeeAnn and Freedom have been friends of mine for several years now and we’ve already shared in many Kingdom Adventures together. 

I will be starting a night school in September at Freedom called the Fire By Night School. I will be releasing more information about the school in the coming weeks. I have also been developing a model of this school that I can travel with and take into churches for an intensive, high-level, extended weekend of: teaching, training, activation and impartation. 

I will also be traveling and speaking in churches and conferences and training through the schools.  Every since I made the decision to move God has already begun to swing doors open in these areas. 

Of course as I’m sure you all know you can take the Missionary out of the Nations but you can’t take the Nations out of the Missionary. I have always felt God’s pleasure when I’m serving on the mission field in the hidden places. Therefore, I am excited about the possibilities that are awaiting me in this area since Freedom Fellowship has a strong constitution when it comes to missions.  In fact my first trip back to South Africa in many years and to Zimbabwe was made through Freedom Fellowship in 2009.

I made this decision and step of faith to move back to Texas before I knew where I was going and what I’d be doing but God knew.  He has so graciously provided for me through my friends at Freedom and still continues to surprise me with fresh provision everyday.  He has provided the resources to move me, a two bedroom apartment that is waiting for me in the country, surrounded by trees, on a private holding that has a pond with a fountain that is home to swans, ducks and geese. 

Dallas is exactly three hours from where I’ll be living so that means I’ll be able to spend more time with my family, children and grandchildren.

Of course the hard part of this is leaving all my friends who’ve become like family to me here at the Mission in Vacaville California.  I have walked such a joyous journey with them over the past five years.  The good news is that it doesn’t stop just because I’m moving.  I will be back in July to be a part of the “Heavenly Encounters” conference with Bobby Conner and will be making pilgrimages a couple of times a year.  

I look back with joyous contentment at the fruit I leave behind as I look ahead with excitement at the Kingdom Exploits that are waiting for me.  I remember saying to the Lord the fourth time I gave up everything to move overseas back to America to start over yet again from nothing, “Never let me get too old that I can’t move with the cloud when you move”.  Thank God He’s kept me young at heart and I’m still following the Cloud and pursuing His Fire. God is good and life is an adventure!

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