Sayings of the Ancients


Spontaneous prophetic music with quotes selected from Christian mystics.

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The Sayings of the Ancients Concerning the Inward Journey is a compilation of quotes from such Father’s in the faith as Wesley, Herbert, Watts and Luther to mention just a few that understood how to find the Presence within and live from that place. They knew the inward journey that all must take to discover the inner place where God dwells.

By nature we are drawn to the Presence of God but it is a journey of discovery to find out what draws the manifest Presence of God to us. Their experiential words of wisdom transcend centuries and become our guides that point the way into a deeper intimacy with God. The Inward Journey was read to spontaneous music in the hopes that the words would become your compass while the music would create the road that leads you into your inner most being where the Presence of God Dwells.


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