God calls us to seek His Face because His Face reveals His Presence and His Presence reveals His Character. To know God in His fullness leads a Believer into knowing the fullness of God that lives within them. God begins revealing who He is from the very first verse in Genesis when it declares Him as Creator. We will take a journey through the scriptures and encounter God as the Ancient of Day, discovering Him as Almighty God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We will discover Him as Friend, rejoice in His kindness and goodness and be wrapped in awe at His Majesty.


Divine Union is about coming into the discovery of who you are in Christ and who Christ is in you. The walk of the Spirit springs from the revelation that you have been risen with Christ, therefore you are to follow after Him in a new life. What does that new life look like in you. We want to discover who the authentic you is. The authentic you is the one whose mind has been renewed to the revelation of who Christ is in you and who you are in Him. When you begin to embrace this revelation and renew your mind to it then everything in you will begin to change. Everything in life springs from your Identity and so once you get your identity established and secured in Him… once you get healed up of rejection and the other things that have tried to hold you back, then you will begin to see yourself getting set free of the things that use to bind you. Only then will you be able to step into the fullness of the confidence of who you are in Christ and who Christ is in you. The word has a way of peeling back layers that are within us so that who we really are can come out and we can be the person that God intended us to be… the person He saw in you before the foundations of the world.


LIFE IN THE HOLY SPIRIT is about discovering the personality, nature and character of the Holy Spirit and coming into a deeper more intimate friendship with Him. He has immeasurable treasures and gifts that He desires to give to every Believer. He is your Divine Guide that will lead you in your Kingdom life and journey. He is here to reveal the Father and the Son, to lead you into truth, to comfort and encourage you, to empower you. He helps you remember the words of Jesus, He enlightens your understanding, bring revelation to your knowledge, and shows you things to come. He desires to have a working relationship with you that flows out of an intimate friendship. He is the Spirit of Love that has come to abide with you! He knows you, the question is, how well do you know Him!


Increasing your spiritual authority is about understanding the delegated authority Christ died and rose again to give us. It’s about stepping into your Kingdom Authority to release His Promises, live in your Kingdom rights here on earth as it is in heaven, to know your weapons and how to use them, to understand who your enemy is and how to displace him while living in the rest and peace of God. When God refers to us as kings, priests, sons of God and ambassadors of Christ what kind of authority do those titles carry? If we are to be the Church Triumphant then we need to know who we are and what we carry.


The Inner Life is about learning how to live from the inside out. When you understand the art of abiding you will discover the practice of the Presence of God. We will learn how to create an internal atmosphere that nurtures intimacy with God. When you abide in the continued rest and joy of God you will no longer be at the mercy of others to create your external atmospheres, because you will now carry your own Kingdom atmosphere. We will discover the ancient keys of the spiritual practices that opens’ the door to the Secret Place!


Watch for upcoming details. . .


Watch for upcoming details. . .