Our Invitation to the Vice President’s Home!!

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Yesterday we were without water and electricity. They came back on late last night but once again it was off this morning. Therefore… we had no showers and no washed hair. Such is life in Zimbabwe.

The conference began today and we experienced such breakthroughs. I spoke today and Theresa will speak tomorrow. The day began with no electricity at the place where we held the conference. So they quickly had to find a generator. They used it for the sound system but it still left us with no lighting all day.

Vice President Mujuru arrived today at the conference and spoke a powerful message. Theresa and I sat there wondering how we were going to do our interview with no lights. After she spoke we were ushered behind a curtain for the interview. The generator had run out of gas and turned off, the people were singing so loud we were unable to hear each other and there was no light. When they finally quieted the people for us to start, the generator turned back on… It was at that point that the Vice President looked at Theresa and me and said, “Why don’t you come to my home early tomorrow morning and we will conduct the interview at my house.” So she’s sending her personal driver tomorrow morning to collect us and take us to her home. FAVOR UPON FAVOR UPON FAVOR UPON FAVOR UPON FAVOR UPON FAVOR UPON FAVOR!!!!!

After about a nine-hour meeting with a thirty minute break we are at the house where we are staying. Theresa just finished preparing and went to bed. I’m getting ready to go see if there is any water running so I can take a shower and wash my hair (it’s been a few days). We’re up early tomorrow morning … TO GO TO THE VICE PRESIDENT OF ZIMBABWE’S HOME TO CONDUCT OUR INTERVIEW!!!




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